Why choose colors?

For two reasons:

1. It improve the production of "random" numbers.
The random numbers generated by computer are not of the same nature as true randomness, as in when coins are tossed: they have a system that only resembles it based on formulas and a list of numbers. We believe that the hexagrams that appear have much to do with the consulter's private mental state, which intervenes with consciousness in generating the results. These colors provide the system with new "seed numbers" for generating hexagrams, this way permitting a greater intervention of the private state of mind in the same.

2. It will improve answers in the near future.
We are in the process of preparing a new version of the Wanderers' I Ching on-line in which we aim to incorporate a color test that will give additional answers. This test is a result of more that 20 years of studies by the author and is unique.