What type of questions can be asked?

This is a personal interpretation of the I Ching, which may result in answers that vary substantially from the traditional version.
It was written according to the rules of Talismanic Art and the different versions thereof are named for the planets under whose influence it was done; the Martian Version was written entirely under the influence of Mars and therefore responds to questions about what course of action to take in the present, for example:

  • Is now a good time for me to travel?
  • What state is my love relationship really in?
  • What should I do about a workmate that I have problems with?
  • What business decisions should be made?

You can also ask about inner attitudes, stating them in the following way:

  • This consultation is in respect to my attitude towards work...
  • In respect to my attitude toward my love relationship...
  • I'm consulting about my friendship with X...
This I Ching is ideal for questions of a spiritual nature:
  • Why am I in the state I'm in.
  • In respect to the energy that I'm currently surrounded by and how I should react to it.
Lastly, you can do a toss at the beginning of the day:
  • I'm consulting for the thought of the day.