The Sage's journey through the Immensities


The Sage in the Immensities of Darkness

The Immensities is a night resting place for the Sage Wanderer.
The Sage acts according to the celestial cycles; he rests when he should and acts with conviction at urgent times. He knows that he is nothing more than the hand of the Cosmos. This hexagram tells us of what the Sage does when the darkness is upon his home, and how we should should conduct ourselves when we find ourselves lucid in the midst of general ignorance. The Sage could illuminate the whole night with his light and that of the Earth, but he respects the natural cycles and remains still, increasing his energy.

We should also save our potential for times when we need it, and wait for the right time.

Keys: Conduct is in accordance with the circumstances and the circumstances are correct. Now is the time to wait. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams