The Dragon's journey through the Immensities


The Dragon in the Immensities of Light

Here we see the Dragon's last change.

The Dragon Wanderer is surrounded by the diaphaneity of the bright Immensities; he cannot go on being the Magician that fools all beings for much longer.
The intensity of the truth is superior to fantasy; nothing can match the beauty and power of Nature.
The dances and miracles of the Dragon are extinguished before the indescribable beauty of the Immensities; such is the destiny of that which is superficial before the depths of Creation.
When truth shines with all it power, banal beings loose all brilliancy just like the stars when dawn arrives.
Such is the Dragon's destiny, who goes nowhere himself flooded by the brightness that surrounds him.

Keys: the Heavens and the Earth have joined in blessings, though the ignorant cannot feel it. Favorable changes happen more due to unknown reasons than one's own efforts. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams