The Dragon's journey through the Immensities


The Dragon in the Immensities of Darkness

The Dragon Wanderer begins his journey through the Immensities; the friendly and fertile nature of this land protects him from himself, intent on playing as always, his unending game.

He is unconscious in the middle of the night of the situation, but nothing can happen; this way his games have turned inoffensive and even entertain the stars.

This hexagram tells us about the useless waste of energy when one ignorantly tries to go somewhere else when we are actually in the best possible place to be. It is all just a waste of time and energy, and if it doesn't stop the Wanderer will end up spent. But this is the extent of the damage that could be done; his situation is favorable because he is protected by the circumstances.

Keys: at times those who are ignorant and irresponsible seem to be protected for evil. This protection comes from good deeds done in the past, but irresponsible deeds done in the present will affect the future. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams