The Woman's journey through the Immensities


The Woman in the Immensities of Gleam

She is in the best possible place and knows it.
Passiveness is a double bladed knife: if it is firm and alert, it preserves, but if it is weak, its weakness is a open door for other energies to pass through.
It is also advantages sometimes not to act, but on other occasions it could be an error that generally takes form as lost opportunities. In this case the Wanderer finds herself protected by the Earth (the circumstances) and , actually, don't have a better place to go, her inactivity is appropriate.
The Woman Wanderer contemplates her favorable situation and waits for more light. When the external path has been walked, it is time to start the internal path. That's way the abundant light soon to arrive will change the Wanderer more than her external circumstances.

Keys: Inactivity should be transformed into immediate decisive action. The circumstances are favorable and the right time is soon to arrive. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams