The Woman's journey through the Immensities


The Woman in the Immensities of Darkness

We see the Woman in the peace of her home in the middle of the deep night; she is one with the energy.

The action of the Woman in the Immensities of Darkness is always correct because they both share the same nature. The Darkness and the Mother possess the quality of framing all the rest, they have all the energy, and still, they seem to be passive and empty.

This hexagram tells us of a person that is in the best possible place to be, though not conscious of it.

The Earth and the Heavens shelter those that things at the right time, those who go with Nature's flow.

To empty oneself is the beginning of all things.

Keys: In favorable circumstances it is important to act as well as rest at the right time. To rest in the ideal place is very valuable, it is the base for everything else. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams