The Sage's journey through the Waters


The Sage in the Waters of Light

This is the second of the four great transmutations: here we see the Sage Wanderer crossing the region of the Waters, in other words, transmuting the Land of Waters in the Land of Winds.

In practice, this means that the external chaotic conditions are put in order by the consulter; it is the right time for him to put harmony in to those things that concern him. This order is appropriate when carried out impersonally and for the good of all, it doesn't matter if it seems rigid or forced.

When the Wanderer is accompanied by the Heavens of Light ("magic times"), nothing can come between him and his path. The other 3 Wanderers can cause transformations on a smaller level, in themselves and on the Earth, but superficially and temporarily. The Sage, however, during these times of Magic not only transforms himself but through his own transformation the entire Earth transmutes. His mission is this and no other.

This hexagram tells us of the end of chaos through the intervention of he who is the vehicle of clarity.

He who sees clearly externally as well as internally can transform even the persistance of dark into light.

Keys: put the exterior in order, have complete confidence in oneself, clear up confusion for good. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams