The Sage's journey through the Waters


The Sage in the Waters of Darkness

The Earth, under its dual aspects of the Waters, represents support, as well as, instability. Truth be said, anything can be expected from the Waters: the peace of a lake, giant storm waves, ice, an oasis, a marsh, impetuous rivers.
Here we see the Wanderer in the middle of night, in an unsafe place.
All action is dissuaded under these conditions, yet, he cannot remain immobile either, since the Waters are an unstable foundation and for this reason must remain alert. So it is, the Sage confident, his integrity his only real anchor. Mindful of the Earth's activity (changing circumstances) he knows that now is the time to passively adapt himself to the events that search him out, and in the meanwhile, he accumulates energy.

Keys: Make only the essential moves, because there are things one is not aware of concerning his situation. The most important thing is to try to discover these hidden things, not just intuit them. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams