The Dragon's journey through the Waters


The Dragon in the Waters of Light

The Wanderer, portrayed here by someone who, is inconsistent and travels through places that are very unstable, clearly sees the path.

This takes us back to times in which we should occupy ourselves in changing our surroundings and ourselves, beginning with an invincible reality.

In this case, part of this reality is the insecurity of our support system here on Earth, that in this hexagram suddenly reveals itself to the Wanderer.

When this revealed reality settles in the mind clearing itself of deliriums, it is a matter of time before there is a change of heart. The clear vision and a stable heart are essential to transform and evade unsure and changing circumstances.

Keys: When the external storms move in one must firmly lean on what one knows to be true. To acknowledge one's own weaknesses is the beginning of strength. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams