The Dragon's journey through the Waters


The Dragon in the Waters of Penumbras

This is the second of the "pure hexagrams", those which have the same characteristic in the Heavens, the Earth and the Wanderer.
We will never see the Dragon in the Wanderer as big an owner, king of all, as in this hexagram: its magic is everywhere, flooding everything, liquefying everything.
These are times in which miracles appear daily, but so does pain.
True gods are seen next to mirages, the ground is of diamonds but also of marsh.
It seems as if the Dragon is singing "Anything is possible" to us, prompting us to follow.
"The truth is a lie, and a lie is the truth", it continues, who could possibly stop it?
There is no advice worth giving, no right or wrong moves, because all the laws have been invalidated yet, the Earth reflects the Heavens and the Heavens reflect the Earth.
In reference, however, whether to follow or renounce Magic, there is no possible ambiguity: in order for Magic to be, one must be completely for it, or absolutely no miracles will happen.
There is no gold without pain, but then, who really cares?
In times of the Dragon, impossibility is exiled from the Universe.

Keys: These are times in which the oasis and the mirage melt together in the same image; no one knows where the truth is, nor where the lies are. Magic can be pain, and pain can be Magic. One should be more alert than ever in this case. . I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams