The Dragon's journey through the Waters


The Dragon in the Waters of Gleam

The Dragon passes through the miracle of sight.
The Dragon, god of Illusion, perceives reality and this puts his territory in danger.
There is nothing more dangerous for him than the truth, because it means death. The fleeting vision of the Gleam seems to always have an ephemeral effect, **but not always profound: he who has seen the truth can never close his eyes before it. This would be like erasing from the mind all the sunshine ever seen.
If this hexagram appears in relation to a course of action to be taken, it should be interpreted as that which is in front of our own eyes is infinitely more important than our desires and illusions and our acts must be firmly based on this vision.

Keys: it is not a good sign to let one be lead by feelings or circumstances that are banal when reality has been seen with one's own eyes. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams