The Dragon's journey through the Waters


The Dragon in the Waters of Darkness

Illusion, within its own kingdom, the Waters, makes an intent to assault the Heavens. This cannot be held against it: such is its nature.
The Dragon Wanderer crosses the Waters in the middle of darkness. His imprudence comes from his own ignorance.
Actually, illusion is not just pure deception or pure blindness: the most perfect illusion is that which takes the rest of the truth and distort it. Alternating truth and fiction is much more difficult to discover that just fiction alone. Illusion brings, alternately, Magic and pain. It mixes black and white and what's real with what isn't real. From there, the Dragon is neither man nor god, neither man nor woman, neither pleasure nor pain but all of these at once.
In this hexagram the Dragon is allied with the Earth, and with this supposed omnipotence it thinks it can conquer the night. Its own Magic, which momentarily may seem miraculous, should not be confused with true power. The Night has its own power that should be respected: it is the very Heavens telling us: it is a peaceful time to take a deep look inside.

Keys: Courage that comes from ignorance is not real courage but self-deceit and arrogance. There are favorable circumstances for all, even fools, but it is ephemeral. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams