The Man's journey through the Waters


The Man in the Waters of Light

The Man Wanderer knows where to go in the middle of a changing and deceiving situation; he can still, however, be betrayed by his emotions or impulses, if these are to dominate his clear view.
When one is completely conscious of the circumstances, he must take steps according to them. Intense emotion and impulsiveness that is characteristic of the Man Wanderer may or may not be successful: its risky business. But, action in accordance to the real status of things will have a much better forecast**. Excessively rigid conduct is not appropriate in a situation like the Waters that are forever changing and requires quick reflex. On the other hand, nothing can come between the intensity of the Man Wanderer's heart and his acts if they are guided by a serene vision of things.

Keys: A clear, decisive, heartfelt vision will ride the Waters; like a fishing eagle, he will get what he wants. However, emotions should not govern the eyes. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams