The Man's journey through the Waters


The Man in the Waters of Penumbras

The Man Wanderer is surrounded by the energy of chaos. We can compare this to an impetuous sailor in turbulent waters and thick fog.
Chaos is a form of energy that seeks to extend its characteristics to all that surround it. Here we see heavenly and earthly chaos trying to drag the Wanderer that persists in following his path.
The Man represents ridged order, internally, as well as, externally. This is something that could be very favorable in certain circumstances, but very unfavorable in others, and this is one of those cases.
The Wanderer must maintain his internal discipline, since he will be put to the test more than ever, but his external conduct must not reflect his internal rectitude; that is, he must be extremely fluid and adaptable.

Keys: Rigid conduct is not appropriate for taking on changes. One must be firm and at the same time adaptable, like when riding an unpredictable storm. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams