The Man's journey through the Waters


The Man in the Waters of Gleam

We see the Man Wanderer crossing the waters with his heart and mind set on his goal, the Heavens help him, but his feet are unsteady.
Though order and discipline are important for accomplishing things, they can also be limiting. A path is not just for walking, but also seeing, feeling, and living.
The Waters, with their unstable and ever changing nature, teach us that plasticity is as important as discipline. Here we see a very focused person following the path of strong winds. It is wise for him to remember that though things are going well , the status of things can change from one minute to another, and one should be prepared for such an occasion. The Waters (the circumstances) are not at all stable, and no one can expect to ride elegantly on an untamed horse. Good cowboys know that the mix of firm and light hand will make a horse a faithful companion.

Keys: When the circumstances are difficult to comprehend, it is more important than ever to remain firm while waiting for a sign showing the right time to make a move. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams