The Man's journey through the Waters


The Man in the Waters of Darkness

This hexagram tells us of the status of dangerous things: we see the Wanderer blinded but prisoner of a great internal impulse, in middle of the restless waters.
The serious problem of not being able to see the path in an unstable situation is made worse by not being able to control the internal storm.
What to do in such a case?
Acts born of ignorance always create others of the same nature and sooner or later attract pain. Being impulsive is not good in the middle of darkness, nor in ever changing circumstances; what can be said when darkness presents itself together with instability? This combination requires great flexibility and constant adaptation.

Keys: The most difficult obstacles are those that cannot be seen; impulsive moves are very dangerous under these circumstances, it is like a blind man running on land with slippery rocks. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams