The Woman's journey through the Waters


The Woman in the Waters of Penumbras

Surrounded by the complete instability of the Heavens and the Earth, the Wanderer's passiveness, portrayed here by the Woman, could cause her to be a victim of circumstance and or be saved by it.

In this hexagram we see a Woman surrounded by a powerful confusion, in these conditions, nothing can be affirmed with total assurance.

The good thing about this is that a receptive but distant attitude maintains internal integrity and doesn't waste energy: the bad thing is that the force of chaos can determine external factors, in such a way as to affect the Wanderer's course. If this is the case, the Wanderer will be like a leaf blowing in the wind.

The Waters, as well as, the Penumbras are an expression of the same cosmic force: Chaos, manifesting itself on the Earth and in the Heavens. It is also a Water element: a series of events that confuse clarity with darkness, fluidity with instability.

Faced with the Penumbras-Water there is no sure move, maintaining integrity while this status of things last is enough. The Woman, of passive and receptive nature, will do well as long as she remains internally impermeable.
The Chaos of the Heavens and Earth must be kept outside of oneself.

Keys: internal separation, be alert, be careful with excitement. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams