The Sage's journey through the Winds


The Sage in the Winds of Light

This hexagram tells us of the great transformations in the conditions of the Earth: here we see the Sage changing the forced situations of the Land of the Winds in the diaphaneity of the Immensities.

When the Heavens and the Sage combine, nothing can resist them: the Heavens have come by Light and this Light moves through the Sage transforming the Earth forever. What was difficult is now easy, the great barricades wil come down, storms will turn into bright days and transparent nights; such is the nature of the Immensities.

The Wanderer knows what to do and acts from his heart/mind before a urgent, defined situation. What could resist this?

Keys: Confront difficulties with total confidence. Nothing can resist he who acts with integrity. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams