The Sage's journey through the Winds


The Sage in the Winds of Penumbras

Here we have the Sage Wanderer deciphering the phantoms and mirages in the Land of Winds. This means that he will not be fooled by illusions nor will he let himself be pulled under by urgent circumstances because he knows that he can not see the path clearly and his heart, in peace, waits for more light while outside truth and untruth are about to happen.
When one is pressured to react knowing that the information of the situation is incomplete there are two paths: take a risk based on assumptions (mirages, phantoms) or wait for a better view. If this were to be impossible still then it time to act from the beating of one's own heart.

Keys: It would be better to wait for a better vision, but if the circumstances are demanding, the heart knows the secret to the right move. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams