The Sage's journey through the Winds


The Sage in the Winds of Gleam

Here we see intelligence surrounded by great attacking forces: the Sage Wanderer crosses the Land of Winds in the middle of a flash of lightning. Sometimes the right thing is attacked and this hexagram tells us of when times and circumstances try to dominate intelligence, love and health.
When this happens the Sage will know what to do; if the force is very powerful, he will know to dodge it and hide and wait until it weakens. He knows that there is no eternal blast nor power that will not at some point collapse. Once this happens, his own energy will take over, at first energetically and then over the conditions of the Earth.

Keys: If one defends what is fair he must be prepared to survive the attacks from the unfair; it is not a matter of beating the destructive forces but to remain intact. What is unfair will end up destroying itself. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams