The Dragon's journey through the Winds


The Dragon in the Winds of Penumbras

One of the four hexagrams in which the Wanderer, in this case the Magician-Dragon, is in harmony with the Heavens and passes this energy on to the Earth. From the Kingdom of the Penumbras and Fog the Dragon takes part on Earth under a gale; it seems to bring a calming, but also confusion.

At times when man is subject to hard contingencies, an ambiguous and fluid conduct gives us a break. However, it is a dangerous game were magic and disaster walk hand in hand.
Here the Dragon Wanderer attempts to sort out the difficult conditions brought by the Winds infecting the Earth with a playful spirit; the good and bad of this should be reconsidered.

Keys: One can relieve hard times by showing joy and creativity but will not get lasting results from that alone. It is important not to be alone. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams