The Dragon's journey through the Winds


The Dragon in the Winds of Gleam

The Dragon Wanderer is surrounded by intense energies that want to bend him; though the facts are clear to him, his conduct is not persistent and many opportunities are lost.
Knowing what to do is not enough in a urgent situation, since the conduct must follow the vision immediately. Here we see someone whose actions are contradictory or doubtful, while the situation calls for energetic and decisive actions. At times when explosive energy takes over everything one must be at the same level of intensity or be swept away. On the other hand, delays in deciding according to the panorama of things- especially for emotional reasons- may nullify any later action.

Keys: Intensity must be met with intensity. If not the weaker will be dragged under: it is better to back off. Hesitation is an enemy in an emergency. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams