The Man's journey through the Winds


The Man in the Winds of Light

Clarity aids the Man Wanderer in the urgent situation, and by this avoids inappropriate conduct.
The Man feels good in the unseasonable regions of the Winds, beings he shares the same intense and explosive nature, but without clarity which is also affection- loose energy is always destructive.
Here we see the Man controlling his impulse and his surrounding by his own perception and thoughts. If he didn't he would be bound for disaster, without a doubt.

The strong emotions that govern the Man Wanderer's heart can go against good judgement that comes from a serene vision of things, and when the circumstances surrounding the individual also steer him towards thoughtless actions, the danger is greater yet.

The more the energy involved the more dangerous the situation. That is why, the acquisition of power must be accompanied by internal clarity, otherwise poison accumulates.

Keys: Power should be used with great intelligence and affection. To the contrary it becomes destructive. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams