The Man's journey through the Winds


The Man in the Winds of Penumbras

He assails the phantoms with total conviction and courage; it is a dreaded action. We see the warrior take on a direction with great decision, but his destiny could be a mirage as much as the true path, since he has propped himself with a previous firm vision of things. When this happens, success should not be discarded, since many times, intrepid actions, based on a rash but immediate decision can accomplish the objective. It isn't, however, advisable.
It would be better for the Wanderer to accumulate all the energy from what he is immersed in while opening his eyes and waiting for the phantoms to flee towards the sunrise.

Keys: An intrepid action, risking one's own luck. Though many things have luckily been accomplished that way, it is not advisable. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams