The Man's journey through the Winds


The Man in the Winds of Gleam

This is one of the 4 pure hexagrams of the Wanderer's I Ching: we see here the masculine element dominate the Earth, the Wanderer and the Heavens. It is a configuration of extreme loose power, and tells us of the nature of the explosive.
The Man Wanderer, crossing the Winds sees the scintilla that reveals his destiny. What could possibly stand between him and his destiny? Knowing his direction, in the plenitude of energy, he could even use the power of the Wind of the Earth (extreme circumstances) for his own use. But he would do well knowing that, though the energy under its explosive form seems omnipotent, it is not permanent.

It is inevitable that all great displays of energy are followed by exhaustion, recollection and recomposure. This is the difference between the warrior's energy and the Sage's energy, that is as stable and intense as the sun. The Man Wanderer should be conscious of the fact that his explosion is tiny in relation to cosmic times, and should take maximum advantage of this configuration of maximum energy to get ahead and then prepare for what is to come.

Keys: Times of maximum intensity: one must be at the height of the circumstances. An explosion is not forever, but during plenitude of energy is when one must aim for the impossible. Now is the time to risk it all. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams