The Man's journey through the Winds


The Man in the Winds of Darkness

Man's impulse, to the extreme, is to change the purpose of the Heavens. We see him in this hexagram, ignorant of his own limitations, assailing the Spirits of the Night, supported by momentarily favorable circumstances and his abundant energy.

This hexagram shows us what happens when the masculine element (dominant, intense, implosive) dominates the Earth and the Wanderer; the intensity of this combination can make the Man believe that he can conquer even the celestial cycles, and leaps into the night with the courage of those who believe they see. What can be expected from a picture such as this?

Keys: there are limits, and time is one. It is not enough to be in a state of maximum strength and that the exterior conditions are totally favorable; the celestial cycles are still more important. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams