The Woman's journey through the Winds


The Woman in the Winds of Penumbras

The Woman in the Winds of Penumbra

The Penumbras, which are confusion, are never as dangerous as they are in the regions of the Wind: in this impetuous area frenzy pushes its inhabitants toward a determined direction. At a heated moment it is worse to be confused than to be blind because one may think he is seeing clearly, and this may lead him to act tremendously erroneous. However, in this hexagram we se the Woman Wanderer safe from clumsy actions, keeping herself stable in such an unsure situation.

We see how she is gripped by the events that push her in one direction and by the confusion of the ideas that push her in the other direction...which is the right attitude? At times like these, calmness and a mother's patience may be the best counselor. If the Wanderer is conscious of her confusion and waits for better light before taking the next step she will be doing the right thing.

Keys: to be obligated to act without a clear vision is a very undesirable situation. One must try at all cost to gain time. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams