The Woman's journey through the Winds


The Woman in the Winds of Gleam

Engulfed in the storm, the Woman Wanderer takes refuge in herself, but this may not be sufficient.

Here we see femininity totally surrounded by dominant masculine energy, active and aggressive. When masculinity predominates conflicts are inevitable. The Woman remains an island in the middle of all this, but it is a dangerous game: the Heavens of the Gleam and the Land of Winds, united in their expansive quality, will attempt to invade all including the heart of the Wanderer. When masculine energy is excessive it becomes very destructive, and to be receptive to this energy is the same as taking waste and ruin into the heart. That's why the best attitude is to remain impermeable, like a tortoise in a storm who hides in its shell but observes what is happening. The good thing about times such as these is that revelations are revealed and one must be wide awake to apprehend them.

Keys: move aside, prepare for the unexpected, watch carefully. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams