The Woman's journey through the Winds


The Woman in the Winds of Darkness

The Woman Wanderer is immobile in the middle of darkness and is lashed by the intense wind: at times the circumstances lead us to the unknown.
When this happens one must be very aware, more wide-awake than ever; inertia will only make us slaves to the external. To keep a relaxed immobility is to become a dry leaf in the storm.
However, a meditative stillness, awake, is very very different. If this is the Wanderer's attitude then he will pass on to the events the calm and Deep Night that surrounds him.
This is a very subtle difference, that has to do with 2 kind of stillness: the unarmed and the awake. The stillness wakens, receptive and deep is the true spirit of the feminine, because this state is the frame of creativity. When the Heavens are impregnated with this energy and the Woman Wanderer allows this spirit through, all her surroundings will be changed, calming even the storms or their equivalent and she will come through unharmed.

Keys: keep passively alert, do not let yourself be dragged down. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams