The Sage's journey through the Abysses


The Sage in the Abysses of Light

The coming light descends through the Wisemen Wanderers and the Earth's nature changes forever. Here we see the Heavens transmute the Abysses through the Wiseman. This marks the end of the impossibilities.

Here we see the Wanderer leaving the Abysses. Freedom from the Aybss is his transmutation; when one is no longer under opressive circumstances, then the opresiveness has ended.

In this hexagram, the transmutation is still
not complete, the Wiseman is still in the Abysses, though accompanied by the Heavens. And thanks to this it is all about to change.

He who sees clearly externally as well as internally can transform even the persistance of dark into light.

Keys: Nothing can come against he whose mind and heart are in unison. Someone with such qualities is like a breeze blowing through the heart of the mountains. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams