The Sage's journey through the Abysses


The Sage in the Abysses of Darkness

Like a lone star in the middle of the darkest night, the Wiseman lets the darkness predominate externally, but takes care that his mind remains clear, his emotions peacefull and his body rested. He knows that, when the moment arrives, only his internal light can end the darkness that surrounds him. Here we see the Wiseman under obstructive circumstances: darkness prevails in the Heavens and on Earth. He has to his advantage the fact that Darkness has a passive nature and will not try to extinguish the light.

The Wanderer will discover this way, just the right answer to the most difficult challenges. The Wiseman knows how to wait for the rythms of the Heavens; in this case the first aurora.

Keys: The obstacles look impossible to overcome and they truely are. Only time can conquer them; that's why patience and wisdom and knowing how to wait are fundamental. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams