The Man's journey through the Abysses


The Man in the Abysses of Light

He has seen the path and posesses a strong internal decision; though obstacles remain on the outside, they have begun to fade on the inside.
This hexagram tells us how the Wanderer has begun, at last, to defeat the Abysses first bearing the light within his own internal abyss. Now that he has seen deeply inside himself, his view of the world has also cleared.

When one isn't able to disperse excess energy, he can convert it into light. The Man Wanderer, impulsive by nature but unable to act has finally begun to follow his own path and there he sees the light and has a change of heart, which, in the end, liberates him from the external Abysses.

Keys: transformation, vigilance over oneself, obedience, look beyond. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams