The Man's journey through the Abysses


The Man in the Abysses of the Penumbras

He tries to chase an illusion in the middle of one of the greatest abysses. When the mind is confused wild energy only makes the situation more dangerous and in this case, his protection is the walls of his own prison.

At times, that which deprives us of freedom to act is what also protects us from the consequences of our unpremeditated acts. This is even more true when we are not in contact with reality, and cannot value this and we may rebel against the situation.

The Wanderer thinks he sees the path, and his anxiety makes him crash into the walls of the Abysses again and again. If the Earth's character does not invade his heart, he will soon exhaust himself battling against an invincible enemy under these circumstances.

Keys: Enthusiasm without clarity is a dangerous enemy because it does not seem to be one. In these cases, that which makes an action impossible is a friend though it also does not seem to be one. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams