The Man's journey through the Abysses


The Man in the Abysses of the Gleam

An internal explosion occurs in syntony with an external explosion in the middle of the Abysses. When an individual reflects the force of the Heavens he can cause transformations on Earth, but these changes will only be superficial if they are not deepened or recreated. Here we have a Wanderer in harmony with the rhythm of the Heavens, but under the difficult circumstances related with the Abysses, whose main characteristic is the impossibility to act.
It is like a hurricane let loose inside a box. If it doesn't last long, the obstacles (the walls of the abyss) will hold. But a succession of flashes will produce light and discovering the path is the end of the Abysses.

Though the course of action and intensity are correct, it is advisable to persist, to control what energy is spent and to assimilate changes.

Keys: One does not win a war winning just one battle. One must recreate the victories until the situation is settled. All accomplishments are ephemeral at the end. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams