The Woman's journey through the Abysses


The Woman in the Abysses of Darkness

This is the first of the "pure hexagrams": we see the Earth, the Heavens and the Wanderer full of receptive and profound feminine qualities. The beginning of Creation is feminine, the inmeasurable emptiness where all things will pass. The Earth, the Night, the Womb, Death and deep sleep are all feminine. All roads are possible only in the beginning: it will not be this way again until the end which, is another beginning.

Here we see the Woman Wanderer submissive in the quietness of the Abysses of the Night. When the obstacles are invisible, they are also invincible: that's why the passive attitude of the Wanderer, portrayed here as a Woman in the middle of the most absolute darkness of the Abysses is correct.
When this hexagram appears in response to a question about the course of action to be taken, it should be interpreted as not to take any steps until the situation can be seen clearly. You should take advantage of the moment to end the former state in order to start out on a completely new journey.

This hexagram speaks about the beginning of the journey and is also the end of all former journeys. In order that all begins again new and pure, nothing from the past must remain, not even in the form of memory.
This is the farthest point that one may be from the goal, therefore, it is also the point at which one should hold a maximum amount of accumulated energy.

Keys: To die, to be born. To be part of the night in order to receive energy. Transcend all that which belongs to the past. I Ching's Glossary Hexagrams